Saturday, December 26, 2009

Great News! Project Complete

Advanced Scientific Health (ASH), now has a new live online presence and an enhanced education and access program for  Licensed Medical Practioners, Health Care Providers and Families.  Through a coordinated effort a team of independent researchers have tried, tested and approved the protocols as set forth by the scientific community and as validated through the works of Nobel Laureates.

The facts and findings have been confirmed and the evidence supports the scientists' and doctors' contention that disease is a result of the progressive degeneration of the body's own natural ability to heal, protect and maintain its own health at optimum levels.

Through general study and analysis as to why the information available through the scientific health community had not been made readily available to the medical health institutes and universities became quite apparent.
Although many of the discoveries were reported and published to the professional medical journals such as J.A.M.A. etc these were never highly promoted through university and curriculum study.  There has been no vehicle in place to promote or provide the findings to the public.

As the health care crisis increses in severety here in the United States, we see the need for a call to action.  The ASH program is a solution for millions that are suffering.  The program invites Medical professionals, health care workers and families to review the material.  A website has been developed to provide audios, lectures and resources available via the internet to help medical professionals determine what level of participation would best serve their patients and how to best integrate the ASH program into their current service model.

A portion of the facts and findings will be posted here on the Scientific Health Journal to help anyone further their understanding in how to best help themselves and others in applying this life saving knowledge.

No one need suffer with pain and early death.  The answers are here for anyone.  A great place to start is to go back and review what worked before.  A very easy to read publication is available free:

"Conclusions of Dr. Frederick Klenner M.D."

We will be releasing the findings here as we also roll out the program so please be patient.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: Welcome 2010 ~ We Are Ready !

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